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If technical terms and/or special scientific concepts are used when translating a text, such a translation is considered to be a technical one. This type of translation is also characterized by the lack of emotional colouring and persons, the presence of individual words and phrases of “dead” languages (ancient Greek, Roman, Latin, and others). In order to preserve the semantic basis of the material, a professional with a specialized knowledge shall perform the technical translation.


Competent translation of technical texts cannot be performed by any automatic service. Moreover, translators not working with scientific and technological texts will face serious difficulties: the material will be presented incorrectly, with corruptions and semantic errors.
If the documents contain scientific and/or technical features and terms, their translation shall be entrusted to a technical translator. This specialist must meet the following requirements:

  • excellent command of the native language;
  • knowledge of the language of translation at a proper professional level;
  • at least, basic knowledge of the subject matter of the material to be translated;
  • excellent knowledge and understanding of specific scientific and/or technical terminology.

Technical translators often have not only linguistic but also technical education.


Due to the complexity of translations and increased requirements for the translator, the price of technical translations cannot be low. Professionals are always ready to fulfill the order qualitatively with the observance of the established terms and requirements. Execution of urgent translations is also possible.
In order to know the exact cost of translation of your technical material, you can fill out the form or contact our specialists using the contact information stated on the site.

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