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The oil and gas industry is one of those sectors in which international cooperation is developing particularly actively. Such a service as the translation of oil and gas topics is in demand by companies engaged in the exploration, production and processing of oil and gas, construction of pipelines, drilling and operation of wells, and delivery of petrochemical and oil and gas equipment for export.


Translation of economic and technical documentation for the oil and gas industry is very difficult. There is a large number of specialized terminology here, besides some expressions are difficult to interpret. The main peculiarities of the translation of oil and gas documents are as follows:

  • laconicism of language structures;
  • a large number of specialized terminology;
  • lack of emotional expressions;
  • complexity of construction of speech blocks.

Such a translation requires not only an excellent command of the language, but also knowledge of the industry itself, and understanding of the processes taking place in it. Specialists of WIS Translation Agency do have all these qualities.


Linguists of our Translation Agency perform translations of documents on oil and gas topics of any complexity:

  • reserve development plans and schemes;
  • presentation booklets;
  • drawings of equipment, instructions for its assembly and operation;
  • production reports;
  • documentation on the development of new oil and gas fields;
  • methodical literature;
  • documents on the operation of wells;
  • scientific articles and abstracts of theses;
  • packages of documents for participation in tendering for seismic surveying.

All translations are carried out with strict observance of grammatical and phraseological norms. Since this branch is advanced, new terms often appear in it. Our linguists also use these terms in their work.


In such a key industry as oil and gas, choosing a reliable partner for the performance of translations is especially important. In order your business to develop successfully, the text shall have no mistakes. Stylistically competent and professional translation performed by WIS experts will contribute to the company’s economic growth and strengthening of contracts with foreign partners.

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