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Marketing translation

  • Translation rates from 80 UAH
  • Time required from 1 hour
  • Certified translation from 30 UAH
  • Notary certification from 195 UAH
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If you need a guaranteed quality marketing translation, please contact the specialists of WIS. Our experienced translators will not spoil the reputation of your brand or product. Despite the affordable cost of services, you can be sure of the high quality of translation of advertising content.


It is an unforgivable mistake to order translation of advertising texts to a student translator or to use automated Internet services. Working with marketing materials, a special approach shall be applied taking into account the following requirements:

  • translation shall adequately, fully and correctly reflect the whole essence of the source text (text of the original);
  • translated material must have a stylistic colouring of the original, which means that it is easily perceived by the reader without any misunderstanding;
  • when translating, the translator needs to fully understand the content of the source, meaningfully work with the source text.

Specialists of marketing translation must clearly represent the subject of the work. Literal or word-for-word translation is strictly prohibited. The ultimate goal: obtaining an advertising text that can effectively convey to the foreign client or potential customer a correctly formulated message about the company, its products, and services. The used vocabulary shall be easy-to-understand to the target audience for which this advertising campaign is intended.

We recommend you to order a marketing translation from the same well-proven professional. Why? Because each prosperous company-customer usually has its own corporate vocabulary. Its “branded” terms and words are peculiar “mini-slogans” that increase the value of translated materials. Thanks to long-term cooperation with one translator, the result will be more effective.


If you want to find out the cost of a particular advertising text to be translated, please fill out the online form. You can also apply for a free consultation to our translators using the contact information provided on our website.

The cost of work and the time limit for the order performance shall be calculated for each client individually. If necessary, you can ask for an urgent marketing translation.

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