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Any development without inter-ethnic relations does not give the desired result in the era of globalization. We are in contact with the representatives of other countries and cultures. Inter-ethnic business relations have taken a firm position in the modern world.

WIS Translation Agency was created by the professionals for assistance in those cases when contact with representatives of another country and other culture is necessary. Our translators/interpreters make every effort to ensure that any detail, word or expression are correctly interpreted and adequately perceived by a foreign partner.

Conditions in which both parties who speak different languages understand each other as if they are speaking the same language are required for successful business and operations.

Contracts, projects, and other documents are usually duplicated in the languages of both partners and it is important to convey properly the content of such documents. Low-quality and incorrect translation at the best case can lead to additional financial costs, and at the worst can lead to loss of reputation and significant losses. Our Translation Agency will prevent it!


  • technical translation;
  • legal translation;
  • medical translation;
  • economic translation;
  • translation of official documents;
  • marketing translation;
  • oil and gas translation;
  • translation of websites;

Additional services:

  • proofreading and editing;
  • certification by the seal of WIS Translation Agency;
  • notarial certification;
  • interpretation.

Every order for translators/interpreters of WIS Translation Agency is an intellectual challenge and an interesting puzzle. We are always glad to solve such a challenge. Each assigned translation task in our translation agency is most effectively and correctly solved through an individual approach.

To place an order, you just need to use any of the contact details specified. Specialists of WIS Translation Agency are always ready to answer any questions, to calculate the cost and specify the terms of your order execution.

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