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Translation of Documents

  • Translation rates from 45 UAH
  • Time required from 30 min
  • Certified translation from 30 UAH
  • Notary certification from 195 UAH
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Translation of documents is important and high in demand service. It is necessary for enterprises engaged in foreign trade transactions, for individuals who go abroad to work, study or for permanent residence, as well as for the foreigners arriving to live in Ukraine or opening their business here. Translation of documents shall be carried out accurately and at a high level.


Professional WIS Translation Agency, located in Kiev, qualitatively and in a timely manner carries out any kind of translations from/to English, Ukrainian and Russian of:

  • personal documents (passports, birth, marriage, death certificates, diplomas, school certificates, statements confirming theplace of employment, income certificates, etc.);
  • translation of legal documentation (foundation documents, Articles of Association, sales contracts, various forms of contracts, etc.).

The success of the case for which translation is performed (i.e. conclusion of a profitable contract, successful submission of documents to the migration authorities of a foreign country, strengthening of relations with foreign partners) largely depends on the correctness and grammaticality of the translation.

Translation of official documents is in great demand. It can be of two types: certified, when it must be certified by the agency’s seal and sometimes accompanied by a copy of the translator’s diploma, and a notarized translation.

Notarial certification of the translated document is required in such cases as the conclusion of marriage with a foreign citizen, purchase of real estate abroad, going abroad for medical treatment. Some states require notarial certification of documents when people are applying for a visa.

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