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Ukrainian translation

The Ukrainian language, which belongs to the East Slavic language subgroup, is a native language to tens of millions of people. However, this beautiful and melodic language is spread not only on the territory of Ukraine, where it is the state language.

Importance of the Ukrainian Language

Tens of thousands of people speak it also in many other states. This is not only Russia and Belarus, with which our country has long-standing cultural and economic ties. Many citizens of Ukraine have been living and working in countries of Western Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Australian continent for quite a long time. Therefore, a quality translation into Ukrainian or from it can be needed.

Types of services

The specialists of the Kiev WIS Translation Agency provide services of translation of documents for Ukrainians living abroad, or just planning to start a business, to marry, or to go abroad for study. Here you can order translation into Ukrainian even of the most complex text. This is just a small part of the services provided by WIS Translation Agency:

  • translation of personal documents (passports, certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates on dissolution of marriage, medical certificates and all documentation that a resident of Ukraine may need to obtain a legal status in another country);
  • business and technical documentation;
  • certification of documents (notarization of translation with a copy of the document or without it, certification by the stamp of WIS agency stamp).

Everyone who at least once required formalization and certification of a translation knows how laborious the procedure is. Contacting a professional Translation Agency allows you to save a lot of time.

How to order this service?

In connection with the current procedure of  integration of Ukraine into the European Union, business contacts are expanding. Business representatives conduct regular negotiations with foreign partners, and it is especially important to have all documentation prepared perfectly and without the slightest mistakes. A professionally prepared package of documents is a visiting card of the company, on which the success of future cooperation largely depends.

WIS Agency will happily help compatriots who are abroad and need such a service as the translation from Ukrainian. Remote translation of your documentation is also possible. You just need to leave your request on our site or by e-mail. For the convenience of clients, various payment methods have been developed, and, if necessary, the service will be provided urgently.

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