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Russian translation

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Requests for translation into Russian are obtained quite often. The Ukrainian and Russian languages belong to the same Slavic group, but they have a lot of differences. Despite a large number of similar words, some of them have fundamentally different meanings. Therefore, only a person who perfectly knows both languages can correctly perform translation from Ukrainian into Russian and vice versa.


The main reason why the Russian language is so strongly sought-for in Ukraine is the geographical proximity of these two countries. In addition, economic and cultural ties that have been developing over the years. Translation into Russian is required for any person who submits documents to the government agencies of the Russian Federation; therefore it must be carried out with utmost accuracy.


The following documents can be translated:

  • Ukrainian passports.
  • Diplomas and other documents confirming education.
  • Work record books.
  • Certificates of birth, marriage, divorce.
  • Driver’s licences.
  • Pension certificates.
  • Various statements.

Translation of business, technical documentation, as well as literature is very often required. Translation of personal documents is required when you are hired;when you obtain a loan from a bank and in other situations. In some cases, when the template was compiled in Russian, only a partial translation is required.


Despite the fact that almost all Ukrainian citizens know the Russian language, the demand for professional translation into Russian remains quite high. Moreover, knowledge of the literary language or technical terms is often required. A specialist with a linguistic higher education and extensive work experience will perform translation into Russian, taking into account all the nuances and as quickly as possible.

Services of professional translation into Russian and from it can be ordered in Kiev Translation Agency called WIS. The specialists of our Translation Agency have a complete command of languages and special terminology; therefore we guaranty a high quality of translation for every client. If necessary, the translation will be performed urgently and with     notarial certification.

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